Past Colours


Historical Societies, Museums, Historians, Clubs and Associations

Restoration of old and historic photos, images, maps, cards, postcards, drawings, and documents is our digital specialty. I am enthusiastic about preserving our heritage so we can have a legacy to pass onto future generations. Whether it be a local historical society looking to preserve, restore or touch up old ephemera or a museum wishing to produce a display utilizing old images, I welcome the circumstance to collaborate in your project and deliver results that offer inspiration and awe from those you wish to educate.

Old images, photos, etc are the heartbeat to my world of historic preservation and enhancement. Please feel free to contact me and discuss your ideas or project or simply share your ideas and inquire about mine, I am always happy to discuss concepts at no obligation

Photo Restoration

Digitally restoring historical photos: All but the very worst damaged or faded photos can be restored. Allow me the opportunity to review the condition of your images and offer an opinion on how they can best be recovered and restored.

Photo Colourisation

Bringing the Past Back to Life, via the researched colouristaion of old and historic photographs, can bring a whole new world of relevance to your display or project. Colour has the ability to immerse the viewer and engage them in a way that brings a contemporary sense of reality to the scene displayed. Engagement is desperately important in so many historic features and displays . As we know nothing brings an image more to the fore in it’s relevance than seeing it in full colour.

I am happy to collaborate with historians, enthusiasts, artists, and designers to develop a real and authentic colourisation. It can be very satisfying engaging with others, passionate in their field to take counsel with regards to a historic image and achieving, spectacular realism in a project.

Prints, Large Format prints

We can deliver your images, photos and other documents in a range of standard size photo prints, up to large format images.

Murals and Display size Prints

Images can be created in Mural size – Wall Size for high impact displays for Museums, Zoos, Foyers, Defence – WW1 – WW2, Government.

Mid Century History: