Past Colours

Our Story

100% Authentic In My Independence

Past Colours is the name I create my work under, I am fiercely independent and my desire to innovate is evident in the art I produce. All is produced in Australia from the design to its completion to reflect the inspiration that drives my passion.

I’m Peter Vasic, Artist, Designer and Football Historian. My love for art and design coupled with history, has driven a portfolio of variation in the artwork I have developed and offered over time.

I have worked in a range of disciplines over the years and have found that combining these has led me to be able to offer a diverse range of art offerings. Colourised historic photos, fine art paintings, sports team paintings, caricatures and portraits


Over the years my endeavours have lead me down various paths related to art and I was involved in the wave of Chalk board and Pastel art that swept Australia in the 90’s creating iconic pieces for establishments, private collectors and businesses across Australia.

Past Colours is the Zenith of my practice, here I am free to create imagery, historical colouristaions, portraits, caricatures and a range of products that reflect my passions for collectors across the world.

My artwork is a culmination of my life’s experiences and passions, with a dose of fine art education. This coupled with running a Chemical etching engraving and signage company for many years has brought forth the results of all these experiences.

I am available for commissions, each work I produce is created by myself and each creative piece passes through my hands so you can be assured of its authenticity.

Original artwork by Peter Vasic is designed to reflect completely the spirit of the piece it represents, whether it is a historic photo colorisation or a sporting image, Football, Rugby League, Cricket. And other sports. I aim to capture the spirit of the individuals or teams I create from my perspective; therefore, I am not an official merchandise provider for the various sporting bodies, leaving those organisations to produce their own mass market offerings.