Photo Colourising

Digital Restoration

We digitally repair & restore
old damaged photos, so they can be
preserved and enjoyed through time


Bringing the Past Back To Life
via the colourisation of Black and White photos
authentic, natural, realistic.

Touch up & Reimagination

Recomposing photos, removing backgrounds
or placing figures into other scenes

Bringing the past back to life with realistic colourization

Colour adds reality, depth and relativity to a photo, it is so powerful that it can evoke an immediate understanding of an era or time in history, sometimes without the need for any other context.

As a result a great deal of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the Photo colorist to recreate the sense of realism that is required to successfully colourise old Black and White photos. It is not simply about picking pretty colours that look nice together, but must be true to the authenticity of the image.

Colorising photos is as sophisticated as planning an oil painting or other artistic rendition that is meant to replicate a place, time and presence authentically and with realism.

Each photo is a snap shot in time and each time had its collection of style, colour, atterns and textures. One must also understand that colours and patterns from previous eras always intersect or overlap with any contemporary colours in a photo.

Therefore a great deal of responsibility comes with creating an authentically realistic colourisation.

The difference between good and bad colourisation

Colourization properly applied, adds a more relatable look to family and history, it isn’t imply picking random colours.

Often studious research is required to ensure historical accuracy is maintained. The colours of varying eras of fashion, materials, infrastructure, vehicles and signage need to be well and truly understood prior to any attempt at rendering an image via digital means.

Having the right resources and access to historians, various archives, public and private museums is fundamental.

Relatives play an enormous part in assisting with such items as height, hair and eye colours as well as a number of other insights.

True authenticity and historical accuracy comes with having correct and true to era colours and hues, but also a clear understanding of a number of environmental factors that come into play. Each season presents different lights and intensity of light, for instance shadows and reflections that are evident on a hot summers day are altogether different to those that appear on a cold and frosty morning. They also affect the way a colour appears, both directly and by reflection.

Colourising Old Photos is not a replacement or substitute for the Black & White Photos, it is a supplement to Bring them back to Life.

Quality colourisation is an art form that can deliver truly amazing and beautiful results. The investment delivers images that you can really relate to and provide heirlooms that can be passed on to future generations.

Sydney; NSW: Australia

Twenty four pigs being driven along Day Street by a truck in the heart of the city c1929

Arnott’s Biscuits Australia

Arnott’s Biscuits had a fleet of Albion Trucks and Vans that were used as delivery vehicles throughout Australia from early last century.

This truck is pictured parked by a park in Sydney c1935

Red Billings & his 5 Schillings Mid-West USA

Roy (Red) Billings (1904-1990) A versatile musician who’s Dixieland Band “Red Billings and his 5 Shillings” toured the Midwest during the 1920’s,Roy was a serial entrepreneur, at one point distributing his own “Billings Beer” in the Milwaukee area. He was a genius inventor with more than 70 patents. He founded Milwaukee Hydraulics Corp and held several patents relating to the modern hydraulic crane.

He is pictured at the far left, sitting at the drums.

Colourization pricing and photos

Choose from 4 Easy Pick options: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. The Platinum level gives you a starting point guide to larger more complex projects. Please Note: All large and complex projects will be quoted on individually. The nature of restoration and or colorisation is quoted on a work time-based process. Your quote will be issued prior to any commencement of restoration or colourization and we will send you a digital proof via email to ensure your satisfaction. All our pricing can be found on our Pricing Page

Bronze $49.99

1 to 2 people

Clean simple Background
No National dress, Flowers,
Foliage or other complex

Silver $79.99

2 to 4 people

or objects & figures
Basic background items
more details including flowers,
foliage, patterns.

Gold $110.00

2 to 4 people

More Intricate imagery
Higher detail amounts
Vehicles, Sports scenes

Platinum from $119.99

Groups of people

Sporting crowds,
Street scenes,
Shop fronts
Highly detailed photos,
War time photos
Colleges, Schools

Final quote given after photo evaluation

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