Photo Restoration

Digital Restoration

We digitally repair & restore
old damaged photos, so they can be
preserved and enjoyed through time


Bringing the Past Back To Life
via the colourisation of Black and White photos
authentic, natural, realistic.

Touch up & Reimagination

Recomposing photos, removing backgrounds
or placing figures into other scenes

You can trust one of Australia’s finest photo enhancement artists with your life long memories

Featured in magazines from the UK to Newspapers in Australia,
Past Colours restores, enhances and recreates photo’s from across the decades. Peter has masterfully digitally restored and colourised family photos, corporate images, war time scenes and is renowned for his day to day life colourisations from the 19th century.
Each photo is well researched and the input of research and creative alchemy, deliver a photo that is as accurate as can be.

Hi, I am Peter

Artist, Photo restorer, Historian
Sunday Mail newspaper
Video Documentary
Robert Berrima Quinn
U.K. Albion Magazine

This is how we do it .

Whether you have a single photo or a collection, I can assist utilising the latest in digital enhancement and editing processes.

I always recommend sending your original images (where it is possible to) as we can extract the most information from your photos, slides, or negatives with our equipment. However, you can also send a scanned digital file you’ve created.

All original photos, artwork and materials are handled with exceptional care and our quotation is always confirmed with you prior to commencement of any restoration.

Once confirmed and restored we send you a digital proof so you can review the restoration and conrm you are satisfied with the results.

When you are satisfied with the end result we send you a digital file and or an archival-quality digital print, along with your original photo’s or artwork.

Refer to my scanning guide to ensure you deliver the best result.

We always initialize the process by creating a high definition copy of your image that we store as your backup and from which we also work for your restoration. This leaves your photo or scan in its original condition.

Feel free to look through our FAQ to learn more about my services or review my examples and sample pricing

We repair a range of damage on photos that include

  • Colour variation
  • Fire and water damage
  • Silvering
  • Flaking emulsion
  • Sticky tape marks
  • Faded colours
  • Various stains
  • Creasing, tears, cracks
  • Light leakage
  • Missing & damaged sections
  • Marks, scratches, cuts
  • Photos stuck to glass

Easy Select Photo restoration Price List

Past Colours offers the Easy Select Photo Restoration option. Simply select from one of our convenient and easily matched options: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum* as these act as simple reckoning guides. Match your photo damage to the images and you’ll quickly determine which package suits you. If you are still unsure or your project is large or extremely damaged, we recommend you upload a scan of your photo or photos for a custom quotation. Should you require further information or clarification, please contact me via email or telephone.

* We review every photo to ensure we match it to the correct Easy Selection Option before any payments are made, we then confirm your approval prior to work commencement. This ensures you are clear on what your pricing will be.

$19.99 Bronze (Light Restoration)

Simple fade corrections
Contrast adjustments
Simple dust and scratch removal

$39.99 Silver (Regular Restoration)

Light fading
Light discolouration
Light mould
Some cracking and scratches

$59.99 Gold (Severe Restoration)

Scratches, wrinkling, creases
general facial repair
fading or damage due to mould
small torn areas
Small missing or damaged areas
Minor rebuilding or moving items

Begin at $ 89.99 Platinum (Extreme restoration)

Shredded images
Fire or flood damage
Extreme Photo Restoration is where your photos have been through the wringer so to speak, so badly damaged that they look like they are only good to be thrown into a bin.
Don’t throw them away, ask me to review them for you to see if they are salvageable. It is not uncommon to be able to retrieve some of the worst cases of damage to photos.
Each photo is quoted in a case by case manner in intense restoration situations.

There are times when the amount of time and restorative effort puts the cost out of reach, simply because of the time that is required to recover and restore some images, however we can evaluate that for you and let you know before you decide to throw away precious memories.

Remember, once they are gone they are gone for ever.

Jump into your photo restoration today!

Australia wide service. If you scan your image correctly, I can restore your images without the original photo’s. With the right scan,