Touch up and Reimagination

Digital Restoration

We digitally repair & restore
old damaged photos, so they can be
preserved and enjoyed through time


Bringing the Past Back To Life
via the colourisation of Black and White photos
authentic, natural, realistic.

Touch up & Reimagination

Recomposing photos, removing backgrounds
or placing figures into other scenes

Past Colours can touch up or re-image your photos. We can clean up photos for you, improving skin and complexion issues, or remove distracting objects in a photo.

A favorite photo may have a distracting shadow, or object such as a pole or sign where you would like there to be a clear sky.

It’s not uncommon to be asked for us to remove unwanted people from a photo or include people that otherwise may have not been able to be in a shot.

Ask us how we can fix your photo.

Do you have family photos you’d like imagined into a Photo Collage or perhaps a special person reconnected with a sentimental scene?

Imagine that as a surprise for a friend or loved one, a totally unique and thoughtful gift.

Example 1:

Footballer in state guernsey attire and old poorly restored background. Player cut out, club guernsey and socks recreated and coloured accordingly, correct matching shorts illustrated and added.
Crowd from local ground inserted into background

Example 2:

Assembling father, son and grandson into a single photo with a star AFL foothballer. Required digitally cutting out both sets of people, cleaning up their outlines, adjusting colour and setting them front of a heritage black & white grandstand.

Example 3:

Meindert was the first name of the man affectionately known as “Big John“. Big John Worked the tug boat “Yelta” on the Port River in Adelaide South Australia. The only photo available of this well know man was an extremely faded black and white image and I was asked to attempt a restoration. The end result after some manipulation and deep digital enhancement was the image I finally colourised and supplied to the client Meindert (Big John) is now reconnected with his beloved Yelta and is now a pride of place image for the family.

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Australia wide service. If you scan your image correctly, I can restore your images without the original photo’s. With the right scan,