Before you toss away your precious memories or are convinced that your photos are beyond saving, It would be a worthwhile exercise to have them reviewed first.

Photos can be recovered and restored with a range of issues that present themselves. These include:

Tape marks
Faded colours
Faded B/W
Water marks & damage
Missing segments
Flaked Emulsion.
It is possible to recover , clean up and reconstruct all but the very worst of damage:

i.e. a white photo that has lost every essence of image. Having said that, recovering extremely faded photos is possible, but that is subject to reviewing them.

Torn photos can in most cases be repaired digitally and enhanced so as to appear as new in many cases.

Colour correction of faded colour photos also breathes new life into them.

I can happily advise you on whether your photos are indeed able to be recovered and saved. Simply contact me and allow me to review your photo at absolutely no obligation.