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We digitally repair & restore old damaged photos, so they can be preserved and enjoyed through time


Let's Bring Your Pictures to Life!

Whether you’re looking to revive old memories, add a splash of color to vintage photos, or create whimsical caricatures, Picture Perfect Renewals & Caricatures is your go-to destination for all your imaging needs.

We understand the importance of every detail in your photographs and caricatures. That’s why we meticulously work on each project with precision and care, ensuring exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Past Colours Principal, Peter Vasic has had several decades of creative Art and Design experience. Your original photos are left untouched thereby preserving their integrity: We restore a digital image of them utilising Ilford Galerie & Kodak Paper. Our archival printing technologies will give in excess of 100 years life to your photos under interior conditions.



We digitally repair & restore old damaged photos, so they can be preserved and enjoyed through time.

Bringing the Past Back To Life, via the colourisation of Black and White photos, authentic, natural, realistic.

Recomposing photos, removing backgrounds  or placing figures into other scenes.

No matter how damaged or faded your old photos are never throw them out before you speak to us. Let us review whether we can bring them back to life.

Remember once they are gone, they are gone

There are billions of old photograph’s right across the world taken between 1850 and 1970. Their subjects entombed in a grey-scale prison.

My mission is to restore and release as many as I can back to the way they lived their lives. In colour.

What others are saying

Past Colours offers a unique opportunity to clients to transform the past in to a vibrant story of life. Colour allows a re-imagining of what was once a moment or moments captured in time. Past Colours is not just a colourisation service though - it also brings restoration, transformation and illumination to old photos and motion pictures. In my experience, I have been delighted with the products and even more delighted by the joy this work brings to recipients and viewers. Gladiators who once performed in theatres only able to be preserved at the time in black and white, have been able to re live their moments of glory and honour in colour just as they remember them through their own eyes at the time. And that is a special kind of joy. I thoroughly recommend Past Colours and not just their final products, but the way they take their clients on a journey of discovery and possibility that ensures the final outcomes are as special as they always are.
Chris Brown
I asked Peter to restore and recolour and old photo for a dear friend. I supplied him with a very old black and white photo on a USB and I received back the most magnificent recoloured, restored photo, enlarged and immaculately presented to me. I am unable to express the gratitude I felt as the photo was intended as a parting gift after many years of employment. Peter was so helpful and courteous from the very start, he explained everything in great detail to me and gave me several options for the photo I wanted. I expected nothing more than a recoloured version of the black and white photo I gave him, but instead I received back the most beautiful A3 photograph that will be truly treasured by the person I am giving it to. They only have the one old black and white version with its flaws and now I can give them something quite exceptional as a result of Peter's skill and care. I honestly cannot recommend Peter highly enough if you want a photo restored or recoloured or anything similar that might hold precious memories. From the moment Peter first answered my enquiry to handing me the new photo every care and consideration was given to what I wanted and hoped for. If I could give Peter and his Past Colours 10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, I would.
Deb W
Peter did a great job restoring my family photo- he was very responsive and had great customer service. Excellent price too!
Tracey M
Positive, professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Peter from Past Colours took an old black and white photograph I had of my grandfather in a band he was a part of in the early 1900's, and added color. He outdid himself by researching the style and type of a drum kit and used colors true to its time period making it much more accurate than simply guessing what it might have looked like. I can't recommend Past Colours highly enough.
Brian Genrich (USA)
Peter is a magician: there is nothing he can't do when it comes to restoring or colourising old photographs. And that is just a small part of his skill set.
Douglas Allan


 Please let us know what service you’re interested in—Photo Restoration, Illustration, Caricatures, or other. Also, include your contact details. We’ll get back to you promptly. Thank you!

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