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Photo Restoration is the process of bringing an old photograph in a state of disrepair to a state that resembles it when it was taken or even enhanced to a better state. Photos that generally require this are faded, neglected, torn, cracked, discoloured, damaged by liquids, fire etc. 

Photo Colourization is the process of colourizing a Black and White Photo into a Colour rendition. True quality colourization is more than simply picking a range of colours to recolour a photo. See my Blog on Photo Colourization 

Photo Retouching is the digital manipulation of a photo to change it from its original look. This can involve removing subjects or adding subjects or changing colours of items and or parts of the photo. It also involves the artistic re creation or imagining of new scenes and backgrounds; i.e. a wedding couple that wish to be placed in a tropical setting or park setting from the front of a church or the addition of various fantasy back drops to a scene. The opportunities for some highly imaginative concepts is unlimited.

Photo touch up also includes enhancing images of individuals that may have some particular issues appearing in a photo shoot i.e. marks, specs, blotches, poor skin etc. 

Photos are easily misplaced, damaged or lent out, they can also fade with time if left exposed. Scanned images are preserved on a DVD or CD and can be downloaded or used to create new copies as required. The quality of images saved to CD or DVD is exceptional as large files with lots of detail can be kept. It is not uncommon to have in excess of 2,000 photos on one DVD/CD.

Your original photos are not altered or doctored in any way. Our process involves scanning the originals, whether they are torn in pieces or scratched frayed, water damaged, etc and we go about recreating your photo digitally. You receive a brand new photograph that has been restored and your original that came, let’s say in pieces is returned to you.

We treat all photos with exceptional care and ensure they are kept in controlled circumstances.

You can send your photos via the following methods.

  • post by registered mail or courier
  • Scan and upload via our secure upload link or We-transfer
  • In Person

If you have a scanner at home we suggest:
Cleaning your scanner glass bed with a glass cleaner to ensure there are no marks, fingerprints, smears or specks on the glass.

Scan your photo at a minimum of 600 dpi (dots per inch) or larger if possible:
Save the photo at the highest resolution in .jpg (jpeg) or .tif (tiff) formats.

Ensure you scan your photo’s in colour/color mode; even your black and white photos, as this allows hitherto unseen details to be visible to our digital enhancement systems.

If you are unable to scan at home and are unable to send your photos or visit in person: Your local Office works store has scanning services: I do suggest you read my How to Scan Photos .pdf to ensure you get the best results from these stores.

As recommended, we suggest a minimum of 600 dpi for photos, however the larger the photo the greater the file size: If you have the storage capability this should not be an issue:

  • SD Card or
  • stick with large storage capacity
  • Computer

1200 dpi for small photos
600 dpi for medium to larger photos

We aim to have your photos back within 5 – 10* working days from payment of your quote or electronic payment. This will be dependant on how large or intense the project is: i.e. Family photos, single, dual person, with simple backgrounds are less time intensive and are sent our quicker.

Large highly detailed photos with damage and or colourization requirements, let’s say a historic street scape or city scene with many people shops, cars buildings etc, will require a quoted response for costing and turn around times.

*There are times when my backlog is so great that I am unable to meet these deadlines, therefore you will be advised at your initial inquiry what our current turn around times are.

Shipping costs are borne by your selection: If you choose to have items returned via registered post you’ll need to select that option in the cart, or if you are confident that other methods are ok we offer cheaper methods of return post: These are Standard options.

Unfortunately, like so many things in life some things are simply far too damaged, faded, or have too much of the images missing / torn or lost to reconstruct. We can always advise you once we have viewed a photo whether it is truly irrecoverable. Having said that, we have been able to save some photos that our clients have truly thought were lost forever, so it is important we review your photos, before you throw them out.

Remember, Once they are gone, they are gone forever

You are always welcome to contact me via email if you have further questions and I will be only too happy to discuss your photo restoration project, from one to an unlimited amount.

Each and every photo is precious.

Our costs are fixed once quoted or approval is made by us for a specific category as per our easy selection guide, there are No surprises. We will revise the image as required until your satisfaction is met, prior to sending the finished prints and CD’s. You will receive emails with your images watermarked with our logo for you to approve the final product.

Once your quotation is finalised and or your Easypick Selection is confirmed by us, we will require payment prior to commencement of restorations. Our guarantee is that we will revise your image until you are satisfied with the end result. Once your approval is confirmed we will send through your restored and or original photos, including extra prints and other items , if any are purchased.

Payment can be made by Paypal, Credit Card via Pay pal, Direct Bank Transfer or Cash in Person. We do not accept cheques / checks.

You can order extra prints from us at your discretion. All our photos are printed onto either Kodak Premium Paper or Ilford Galerie Archival Paper in Matt, Satin or Gloss.