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After many years involved in Art & Design, which has included, display, signage, fine arts and illustration, my passion for preservation and artistic presentation, has created a unique capability to create projects that combine these various disciplines.

They work hand in glove with my love of photographic enhancement. So if you are looking for a unique presentation method for a particular project that requires a special perspective, I am available to assist.

If you represent a Sports association, club or league and would like a new way to present your historical archives, photos or honour past greats, stalwarts, teams, office bearers. I can conceptualize and then realize something that is highly immersive, engaging, and relevant.

From front foyers, to club rooms, there is always a place to make your environment unique and a compelling exhibition of what makes your environment the place to be.

I’ve worked with Television producers, creating art work for Commercials, TV shows such as Home and Away, documentaries and children’s programs. 

Historians and publishers

Bringing the past back to life, via the well-researched colourization of old photographs is an effective way to bring a contemporary reality to photo’s taken between the 1850s and the mid 20th century. Rather than seeing it as an affront to the black and white medium, the reality is a massive uptake in interest and relativity to a whole new world of eager eyes.

I always appreciate the assistance of those that are specialists in their particular field of interest in pointing out the nuances that may require special attention or details that may not be known when colourizing old photos. Collaboration is one of the joys of creating something special.

Historical exhibits

Can take on a whole new perspective and engage patrons with awe, when they can see life as it really appeared. Of course colourization is an art, mixed with research to recreate a scene as it would have appeared in true life. This is where I specialise I leave no stone unturned in my research of historical time frames to produce scenes that are as authentic as my research allows. I am always open to advice from historians, genealogists and nostalgia enthusiasts to create the best and most authentic representations possible.

Clubs, Leagues, Associations & Societies

Preserving historical photographs, documents, maps, certificates and other general ephemera, digitally, is one of the best ways to ensure that objects otherwise fragile or prone to other forms of atmospheric and environmental deterioration can be preserved for future generations.

Please feel free to contact me should you have a project you wish to discuss or pursue.